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Areas of Focus

To realise excellence in dairy industry and promote progress among UDPA members.

Policy Enhancement

Sustaining growth in the dairy sector requires dynamic review and improvement in public-private policy initiatives

Building Association Value

To provide UDPA members service and an information hub that adds value in its collective vision


The consumer is an important partner and needs to be informed. Strategic partnerships, moreover, will strengthen mutual goals in developing the industry.


Innovation, coupled with research, will improve efficiency and expand products range. Association will stimulate linkages and resources towards this goal.


Over the years, the Association has been involved in several historic events; from the birth of ESADA to hosting international dairy events
School Milk Promotions


..promoting milk at school

School Milk Promotions


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UDPA Study Tours


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UDPA Dairy Campaigns

Dairy Campaigns

Public Milk Campaigns

Training in Uganda Dairy

Dairy Trainings

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Uganda Dairy Surveys

Dairy Surveys

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Uganda Dairy in Brief

Current estimates has the production of Uganda milk to be at 1.7 to 1.9 billion litres, a substantial growth from the 460 million litres in 1990. Per capita milk consumption has grown from 16 litres in 1986 to present day level of 54 litres.

Informal Market


GDP Contribution


Annual Growth Rate (Milk)


Population Growth

Association Board

The Board consist of the Chairman and two members of each of the three categories of processors: Large (>20kLts daily), Medium-Scale, Small-Scale(<8kLts daily). Associate members welcome!

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Our Values:

Quality consciousness-- Consistency-- Trustworthiness-- Availability-- Customer driven-- Affordability-- Nutritional